I am Sam (Samantha Bonouvrie) and I am passionate about many things as long as they allow me to be creative. Photographing, videographing, designing, acting,┬ámaking music, writing: Creating is what makes me happy, adds value to my life, brings me excitement and inspires me to create more and better things. I’ve come this far through encounters with people who have inspired me to learn about these art forms. And so I did learn as much as my brain could fit from people and places and books and magazines and videos and songs and by practicing a lot, just so I could become better at what I love to do. I don’t claim to be anything other than a person who is very motivated to add to the little wisdom she has and to create new, unique and interesting things that may (or may not) be appealing to others. And I hope to do so for the rest of my life.




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